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Direct Media is one of the leading company specialized in design, development, advertising, and marketing. Including all marketing campaigns and company’s strategic development plans for both profitable and non-profitable institutes/organizations.  Starting from the important process of designing the logo/trademark throughout the full process of designing the complete identity “The process known as Branding”. We don’t stop there, we take your brand and advertise it all over the social media platforms. We also design and develop websites and web applications for both individuals and companies, plus advertising the website on most of the well-known search engines. We can also produce and direct all types of documentaries and advertising movies for you, which helps advancing you or your company in the market, and make sure that the customer gets the idea with a higher effect and interest.Our services can be detailed as follows: -

1- Graphic Design :

The graphic design is defined as:  The process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration. Or as: The art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements. It comes in many forms (logos, trademarks, business cards, employees ID, brochures, flyers, office envelopes, correspondence papers, stamps, posters, panels, stands, catalogues, stickers, book and magazine covers, packagings, etc.). Direct Media provides theses means and much more.

2- E-marketing :

Direct Media designs and directs all types of advertising campaigns for social media platforms such as (Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - YouTube), and for global search engines such as (Google - Yahoo - Bing).

3- Websites & Web Applications :

Direct Media has a special department for web development, which has a large team of web design and web developers specialists. As well as domain registration and web-hosting services, which comes in a form of packages/plans that suits all needs.

4- Video Ads & Documentary Movies :

After the recent development in the media field, the vast majority of companies have moved their advertising campaigns towards the visual communication. Thus, Direct Media was one of the leaders who entered this field, with the service of producing animated video ads for TV, websites, and billboards. We also provide the service of filming and directing documentary and short movies.

5- Photography:

We can all agree that image always has a much higher effect than words. Direct Media also believes that good advertisement must start with a good photo which serves the idea. This photo then must be presented in an attractive way to the viewer; that’s why Direct Media has formed a team of professional photographers who are very much capable of organizing a photo-session for your products or services to produce the perfect imagery for your final advertisement or design.

6- Mobile Applications :

There is no doubt that smartphones have become indispensable to teens before adults, and it is so obvious that most people now spend more time on their phones than any other activity, which reformed that relationship into a friendship with our phones. This was the main reason why all international entities built their presence by developing their own mobile applications for both platforms Android and iOS. Which prompted the rest of the companies and organizations to take the same direction. This is also why Direct Media will join you step by step, guiding and building your own presence. Direct Media Mobile Application Department is here to emerge your Android and iOS applications to the world.


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